Terms Of Use
“Followers of Islam” website is a non-commercial and non-profit website. It has been developed to spread the awareness in Islam and its followers with the news feed that can be uploaded by all the members of the group.
The type of news feed depends on the authenticity of the content and also requires a well-documented proof of the same. For those who are really interested in conveying the Ahadith or any literature should first be clear that the data is authenticated and can be proved when upon requested.
The authentication of the data is a major criteria as most of the Muslims and non-Muslims surf online in world web to clarify their doubts, to gain knowledge and to make sure that they are on the right path of Islam, henceforth the data that will be included should accomplish or must be in accordance to Quran and Sunnah rather than falling prey to false or incorrect information is of utmost importance.
Purpose of the website: The purpose of the website is to bring all the Muslims under 1 platform where everyone can gain knowledge and increase their understanding or share their knowledge with all the other members of “Followers of Islam”. Also, being the member, you should actively participate in inviting your family members, relatives and friends to join “Followers of Islam”, and share Islamic information whether it may be Ahadith, or any verses of Quran with their meaning, or any pictures related to Islam. Moreover, you need to increase your knowledge, as well as try to make others aware with Quran and its content. Also, you can use the website to ask different doubts, or any questions related to Islam, and directly you can ask questions to Mufti. At the end, you can promote any products or place the banners, but of only those which are related to Islam. We, from the administration management request you all to participate actively and make more and more people to follow Islam by making them as a member of “Followers of Islam”.
Further this website will be rated by using the below mentioned criteria’s: The material should be authenticated and in line with the Quran, Sunnah and understanding of the Salaf us Saalih. The quality of material in terms of knowledge, referencing to the sources and in the case of Ahadith must correlate to referencing to books of Ahadith verification.
The website must contain a wide variety of aspects relating to Islam and should cover a good quality and quantity of various content materials.
The website should also contain the presence of downloadable Islamic software
The website should contain streaming multimedia content which should be having lower rating against downloadable multimedia.
The main categories of the group are easy to navigate and should also contain the links for the subcategories that are provided.
Instructions to the group members. This website can be used to upload all the articles, books, audio lectures and also Qur’anic recitations.
The website must not contain any frills; it should be as simple and clear as possible and should maintain the decency in the group.
The members of the group must not be inactive for longer periods and must be active to maintain the pace with present situation or trends.
The members in this group should follow the ethics and all the rules that are abided within the boundaries of Islam in all the aspects to maintain the authenticity and purity of the group.
“Followers of Islam” ideally helps people to convey their messages or any authentic data to be shared with a wide variety of follower’s across all over the world.